Monday, June 15, 2009

Pursuit of Leisure

Old Flames

its been quite awhile since i got up with my juniors ever since my life got complicated. we haven't got together as a big group in a very long time. last we got together was about 3 years ago, near the end of 2007, my SPM year. we all came out like some kinda mafia family or somethin'.

among the highlights of that faithful outing was the bruises and blisters of ice skating, the biggest movie group we ever did (22 tickets, babe!) and yes, the molestation of my gluteus maximus by an onboard passenger in a bus on the way to Sunway Pyramid.

"..I lost grip of the handle and flew across the bus, what was i suppose to do.."

Ian, 10.35pm, June 15th, 2009

nevertheless, it was a truly memorable outing, one that i still reminisce about till this day.

aaah the good ol' days, i miss the old gang!

Autobot-chick vs. Decepticon-dude

and once again, we got together on a small reunion in KLCC last week, on Tuesday, June 9th. among those who attended were:

i) my boo, Deniseee
ii) LyeKeeen

iii) WenYieee
iv) KahYannn

v) Euniceee

vi) Chakryyy

vii) J Chiaaa

viii) Jessicaaa

ix) Noeeel

x) Amanda Taaan

xi) Artishaaa

xii) Adriaaaaan

xiii) Foofyyyyy

it was initially suppose to be bigger but sadly,

Jer and Nez had college

MunYee had to babysit her sister

Caryn was aaaall the way in Melacca

i didn't have SueLyn's and ErXin's number

JuYi had stuffies to dooo =/

Celine can't make it

HenKai balik kampunggg

SarahLee didn't call me back!

MeiYing also couldn't make it

but overall, it was a nice outing. 17 Again starring Zac Efron was every entertaining. it kinda exceeded my expectations. looooved his outfit. lucky SOB donned Ed Hardy gear which made me feel like raiding his wallet. and that leather jacket is every boy's dreaaam~

nothin' personal, i just like the jacket.

i was soooo glad to see Amanda again! its been a year since i last saw her. its funny why she sported this pink scarf.

"my top is kinda revealing", she said.

"Its never been to revealing, its just the weird taboo rules this country is affixiated to. its bullshit"

Ian, 11.03pm, June 15th, 2009

Rough Night

on June 11th, 2009, i went for to Ministry of Sound's Euphoria to celebrate the end of exams with my boo. it was a night with its ups and downs, but lotsa ups eventually.

i got up to Euphoria early around 9pm, met up with KevinLiew and his friend. while we were waiting, we got to catch up abit. i haven't seen Kevin since i last saw him during ice skating way back in March. after that, got to meet a fine dancer, RobinHo. awesome dude, speaks my language, has the uber-nice-guy sorta behavior. killer on the dance floor and pool table.

after that, kept waiting and waiting, it wasn't long before we had to go pick up Denise and Nadine from USJ2.

"I swear, upon laying eyes on them, i was so intimidated, i dared not look. i can't help but feel unimaginably turned on my really tall girls.."

Ian, 10am+, June 11th, 2009
Outside Boo's crib

along the way back to Euphoria, boo let out a lil secret about me when Nadine reached for my ears (apparently was aiming for my cheeks) from behind and made me quiver.

"i don't understand why my weakness (being ticklish) had to be constantly revealed. it makes me look so vulnerable.. terrorist would have it easy in interrogating me. they'd probably devise some sort of tickling contraption to tickle the answers outta me. that downright, SUCKS!"

note: actual statement in the car for humor purposes.

while we were making our way down to the dancefloor, i was discovered by Mangooooo! was so glad to see that muthafucker once again after almost two long years. then i there was William, KenKen, Dwayne, Daniel, Roshen, JasonWong, and some girls from Mango's hometown whom i didn't know. there was also Yujiiiii. aaand thats about all the people i could recall from that night since i was pretty much like, stoned (on alcohol, mind you) into the night.

after a few glasses of beer and Chivas, i was literally, on fire. and the flashing lights, heavy bass and loud music just brings all these elements into an intoxicating concoction. its no wonder they call the place Euphoria. upon setting your feet on the dance floor, you just wanna party the night away. but sadly, Nadine had a curfew so we left after 4 hours in the club. met a friend of Nadine's as well, Catherine.

Catherine was taaaall for her age, i could've mistaken her for some model~

a liberating night.

top: KC, Alex, Cash, Kevin, some dude i dunno
bottom: Robin, boo, yours truly, Nadine, Catherine

after the party, Robin sent us back home. initally, i was suppose to stay at boo's place but they exceeded their curfew time and we were afraid it would take awhile before boo could sneak me into the house. sooo, Rob sent me back to Kev's house instead. after that boo and i got into a fight and hardly got any sleep till the next morning. we made up the next day, thankfully.

"i can't afford to have her stay mad at me. although i do regret not waiting that night. sorry, boo!"

Ian, 11.53pm, June 15th, 2009

its been a wonderful holiday. wish it would never stop though that would be rather hedonistic of me. in addition to that, i'm like semi-broke now so i can't fund my trips as much as i used to plus, my stashes have all been used up.

would love a job, but i've gotta be like nerdified for the next 5 months in preparation for my finals as well as going on a 12-week buff up.

Note to self: buy your fucking whey proteins!

"Lord, give me strength!"


Day 1 of achieving IB, complete! 83 days remaining.

taking her with me wherever i go, heeee~

Bonne nuit.
from the both of us (wink)