Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Surprises and Horror

Surprise, Surprise

Yesterday on June 15th, 2009, i had a surprise visit from my boo after my first day in class after a two week break. i swear, i was swept off my feet.

It was about 1.30pm in the afternoon. i just finished my lunch, watched a lil bit of CNN.

"Yes, CNN. there was nothing better to watch, don't ask"

Ian, 10.51pm, June 16th, 2009

i didn't bother to shower, i head straight into the room and started to play Dragonica. i can't help myself, its just entertaining to me, its just so cute and destructive and questy.

"...but i digress"

so as i was playing, it was barely 5 minutes into the game, my uncle yells from downstairs, "Ian! your friends are here to see you!". i was literally puzzled. i thought it could've been Terrence. the dude was persuading me to play snooker with him earlier on. i initially insisted on joining him as well but i felt tired and had a terrible temptation to play Dragonica as well so i opted to be back home in my 'lair'. and at that very moment, i actually thought was he actually that desperate to play to the point he has to climb his way all the way to my house with a friend to drag me out for a game of 8-Ball or so?

*out of the room*
*down the staircase*
*down the hall*
*at the doorstep*


i see two girls at the door. at that very sight i thought i was having secret admirers again although had did they even get my address? upon closer inspection, i discovered a strangely familiar feature about their hair. it was as though these two pleasing doves are closer to me than i percieved.

at the time, they were watching my grandma give my dog, JoJo a bath. and as they turned their heads, i knew it had to me them. first face to appear was booooo's and emerging from the shadows was Mechaaaaaa!

and speaking of Mecha~


two weeks ago, boo, Mecha, Mages and i went for Earthquake at Swensen's. word of the day:


on the occasion whereby its 50% discount off Earthquakes on Tuesdays, we decided to have a lil piece of heaven over at swensens an relish in the ever delicable frozen dairy treats at this pleasant establishment. we had a nice place right by the window and there, we feasted.

8 flavors with toppings: Mecha picked orange sherbet and pistachio almond, Mages picked mango and cookies n' cream, I picked macadamia and yam, boo picked chewy chocolate and thin mint. once again, indulgence.

Mages - yours truly - Boo

Mecha camwhoring~

Mecha's infamous "I-am so-freakin' happy-smile"

"the experience was ultimately, delightful"

Ian, 11.18pm, June 16th, 2009


so i stood there, in awe of what i saw. these two girls were at my doorstep.. and i wasn't even expecting them! i had the thought i was gonna spend a dull day gaming first, working out, calling boo every now and then while she's in class until she gets home and see her the next day (which is today). and there she was, right before me. its as though some higher authority materialized her before me just when i had a deep longing for her while i was in class today. 'nough said, literally, swept off my feet. later we went on to play a lil bit of Left4Dead, had lunch at BRJ... which was a rather hysterical event really.
"there we were, three hooligans sitting down at the mamak, laughing with tears projected all the way onto the glass of the spectacles and exploding guts like a couple of donkeys-on-dope for over an hour an a half"

Ian, 11.27pm, June 16th, 2009

we just had one roti banjir, two roti milos, one nan cheese, and several cans of soya bean. who would've though that minute amount of sugar could actually put people on sugar rush. soon, it wasn't long before they had to go home. i was glad Mecha was with boo. i can't afford to have boo go home alone, let alone at night.

on their way home, they got onto the bus and miraculously sat
on the place where people usually set their bags on. i have photographic evidence~

amazing, isn't it?
"that concludes a day. thanks for the surprise visit boo!"

Ian, 11.54pm, June 16th, 2009

The Next Day (June 16th)

i met boo at KL central and decided to go for a movie at KLCC. i brought banana pancakes from home for her to sample. later in the afternoon, we watched Drag Me to Hell which i swear, was the most terrifying horror flick i have ever layed witness to. it was scary, it was disturbing, literally spine chilling. its no wonder it was positively recieved by the public judging by the quality of the script, material and scare-value of the film. i'd give it a 4 out of 5 based on my perception as a horror flick enthusiast. however, i wouldn't recommend the movie to those spiritually weak. it felt rather unholy and the entire concept on summoning otherworldly beings and tinkering around with the spiritual world was very freightening. movie was good though, hands down. i'd compare the quality of this to the likes of Quarantine, another critically acclaim and well done horror film.

"my compliments to Sam Raimi (Drag Me To Hell) and John Erick Dowdle (Quarantine)."

Ian, 12.12am, June 17th, 2009

after the movie, met a really cool friend of Mecha's, Effie. she donned many piercings and spoke fluently in english. took my breathe away. looking forward to hang out with her again.

a random shot from Mecha while at KLCC park

To all my faithful readers or unfaithful, whoever's reading my blog basically,

there will be an upcoming event i will be proposing;

i) 24th /26th/27th June - on any one of these days, do contact me if any of you wish to join me to catch the Premiere of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. please please please call me if possible, i'm not as textficient as i used to be~

"call me (grin)"

I've got class the next day, i'm not even prepared.
Beefcake out.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pursuit of Leisure

Old Flames

its been quite awhile since i got up with my juniors ever since my life got complicated. we haven't got together as a big group in a very long time. last we got together was about 3 years ago, near the end of 2007, my SPM year. we all came out like some kinda mafia family or somethin'.

among the highlights of that faithful outing was the bruises and blisters of ice skating, the biggest movie group we ever did (22 tickets, babe!) and yes, the molestation of my gluteus maximus by an onboard passenger in a bus on the way to Sunway Pyramid.

"..I lost grip of the handle and flew across the bus, what was i suppose to do.."

Ian, 10.35pm, June 15th, 2009

nevertheless, it was a truly memorable outing, one that i still reminisce about till this day.

aaah the good ol' days, i miss the old gang!

Autobot-chick vs. Decepticon-dude

and once again, we got together on a small reunion in KLCC last week, on Tuesday, June 9th. among those who attended were:

i) my boo, Deniseee
ii) LyeKeeen

iii) WenYieee
iv) KahYannn

v) Euniceee

vi) Chakryyy

vii) J Chiaaa

viii) Jessicaaa

ix) Noeeel

x) Amanda Taaan

xi) Artishaaa

xii) Adriaaaaan

xiii) Foofyyyyy

it was initially suppose to be bigger but sadly,

Jer and Nez had college

MunYee had to babysit her sister

Caryn was aaaall the way in Melacca

i didn't have SueLyn's and ErXin's number

JuYi had stuffies to dooo =/

Celine can't make it

HenKai balik kampunggg

SarahLee didn't call me back!

MeiYing also couldn't make it

but overall, it was a nice outing. 17 Again starring Zac Efron was every entertaining. it kinda exceeded my expectations. looooved his outfit. lucky SOB donned Ed Hardy gear which made me feel like raiding his wallet. and that leather jacket is every boy's dreaaam~

nothin' personal, i just like the jacket.

i was soooo glad to see Amanda again! its been a year since i last saw her. its funny why she sported this pink scarf.

"my top is kinda revealing", she said.

"Its never been to revealing, its just the weird taboo rules this country is affixiated to. its bullshit"

Ian, 11.03pm, June 15th, 2009

Rough Night

on June 11th, 2009, i went for to Ministry of Sound's Euphoria to celebrate the end of exams with my boo. it was a night with its ups and downs, but lotsa ups eventually.

i got up to Euphoria early around 9pm, met up with KevinLiew and his friend. while we were waiting, we got to catch up abit. i haven't seen Kevin since i last saw him during ice skating way back in March. after that, got to meet a fine dancer, RobinHo. awesome dude, speaks my language, has the uber-nice-guy sorta behavior. killer on the dance floor and pool table.

after that, kept waiting and waiting, it wasn't long before we had to go pick up Denise and Nadine from USJ2.

"I swear, upon laying eyes on them, i was so intimidated, i dared not look. i can't help but feel unimaginably turned on my really tall girls.."

Ian, 10am+, June 11th, 2009
Outside Boo's crib

along the way back to Euphoria, boo let out a lil secret about me when Nadine reached for my ears (apparently was aiming for my cheeks) from behind and made me quiver.

"i don't understand why my weakness (being ticklish) had to be constantly revealed. it makes me look so vulnerable.. terrorist would have it easy in interrogating me. they'd probably devise some sort of tickling contraption to tickle the answers outta me. that downright, SUCKS!"

note: actual statement in the car for humor purposes.

while we were making our way down to the dancefloor, i was discovered by Mangooooo! was so glad to see that muthafucker once again after almost two long years. then i there was William, KenKen, Dwayne, Daniel, Roshen, JasonWong, and some girls from Mango's hometown whom i didn't know. there was also Yujiiiii. aaand thats about all the people i could recall from that night since i was pretty much like, stoned (on alcohol, mind you) into the night.

after a few glasses of beer and Chivas, i was literally, on fire. and the flashing lights, heavy bass and loud music just brings all these elements into an intoxicating concoction. its no wonder they call the place Euphoria. upon setting your feet on the dance floor, you just wanna party the night away. but sadly, Nadine had a curfew so we left after 4 hours in the club. met a friend of Nadine's as well, Catherine.

Catherine was taaaall for her age, i could've mistaken her for some model~

a liberating night.

top: KC, Alex, Cash, Kevin, some dude i dunno
bottom: Robin, boo, yours truly, Nadine, Catherine

after the party, Robin sent us back home. initally, i was suppose to stay at boo's place but they exceeded their curfew time and we were afraid it would take awhile before boo could sneak me into the house. sooo, Rob sent me back to Kev's house instead. after that boo and i got into a fight and hardly got any sleep till the next morning. we made up the next day, thankfully.

"i can't afford to have her stay mad at me. although i do regret not waiting that night. sorry, boo!"

Ian, 11.53pm, June 15th, 2009

its been a wonderful holiday. wish it would never stop though that would be rather hedonistic of me. in addition to that, i'm like semi-broke now so i can't fund my trips as much as i used to plus, my stashes have all been used up.

would love a job, but i've gotta be like nerdified for the next 5 months in preparation for my finals as well as going on a 12-week buff up.

Note to self: buy your fucking whey proteins!

"Lord, give me strength!"


Day 1 of achieving IB, complete! 83 days remaining.

taking her with me wherever i go, heeee~

Bonne nuit.
from the both of us (wink)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bibical Changes, Beautiful Outcome

Phase 1: Withering of What Was

"its almost been a year since i last blog. i'm glad i have not lost my grammatical competence!"

Ian, 11.04pm, June 4th, 2009

i've been on a hell of a journey since late-2008.
and i've come into realization that i've pretty much fucked up the past eight months of my life.

eight months, spent in blindness, denial, stupidity.
diminished finances and decimated relationships with friends and family.
time went by swiftly before i was even aware of the abyss that i've plunged into.

a heart broken time and time again;

i) Christmas
ii) New Years Eve
iii) Chinese New Year

iv) Valentine's Day

v) My Birthday

in addition to an eviscerated heart and shattered social ties, i experience a hard fall academically, with failing grades all over me. i've lost the trust of so many, i was beyond help.

i fell into a state of depression. (guess what, i gained weight!) i withdrew and refused to encounter anyone but a handful. i felt i was beyond salvation (total emoness, yeaaaah) i suffocated at the dawn of each day dealing with a monster so cold.

*suicidal threats and gang threats?*

been there, got that. HATED it

i cleaned the wound of a suicide attempt on my birthday and had a knee bruised by an aluminium bat days after my birthday. where's the justice in that?

however, in the midst of my suffering, i am thankful for one heaven sent individual who has been there to lift me up when i collapsed, and be the light that illuminated the path for me to get back on my feet.

a blessing so dear, i cherish perpetual till man breathes his last breath; Denise Cornwell Neowcharurn! (smile)

she's mine, mine onlyyyy~

Phase 2: Blossoming of a Beautiful Relationship

"where do i start? so much happened so quickly! and i'm happy with all that has occured!"

Ian, 11.27pm, June 4th, 2009

i'd first like to thank a dear, dear friend of mine Chong Shien (if he ever reads this), for paying for my most delicable lunch at Pavilion on my birthday, as well as paying for the ticket of the movie i was suppose to watch (failed to watch due to suicidal threats).

the most blessed day in over 3 years, God has ever granted me!

*drum roll*

March 13th, 2009
i met Denise for the first time in my life, after countless failed plans.
i've had many firsts with her, and i'll never forget each and every single one of them.
this day changed everything.
this day was the genesis of a great metamorphosis.
it occured to me, it was time to take whats mine and regain the person whom i used to be.

and this was also the day i had the most awesome make out of my life!

and since that day, i've not went a day without her call.

first date.

"je t'aime, mon cheri"

in late-March, i somehow confessed my feelings for Denise in front of her friend, Abigail, her sister, Nadine and her uncle, Pbertrand at a birthday party in their house in Subang Jaya.

there is no need for blaming me for being a total jackass, 20 shots worth of tequila and vodka can work wonders on someone.

April 3rd, 2009

i confessed my love officially to Denise at Sunway Lagoon.
the moment was oh so right.
we were swimming in the pool, and i had a sudden idea.

this next event was not planned, and the idea had not been conjured beforehand.

after our first date on March 13th, Denise and i traded rings as a pledge to see each other again. i happen to wear the ring that she gave me religiously.
and we were fooling around in the water, i asked her to hold still and watch what i will do next.

i took off the ring that she gave me.
(which was on the ring finger of my left hand)

i went down on one knee, UNDERWATER.
(self-explanatory. it means i held my breath!)
i slipped the ring onto HER ring finger on her left hand.
(i'm a hopeless romantic, don't patronize me)

and asked her to be mine.
(cheesy i know. once again, don't patronize me)

i did this multiple times for her to get it. i don't know whether or not she was trying to personify what the Celcom advertisement board was trying to express but it worked on me.

for those who don't know what i mean, hope this rings a few bells;
I heard him the first time. I pretended i didn't hear him. I wanted to hear him propose again and again.

for those under the Celcom line, here's a good piece of advice; NEVER propose underwater if you wish not to face these consequences.

its official.

Phase 3: Recuperate, and Recovery

its been two months since i got out of 'purgatory'. and now i'm well on my way to recovery. however i still have a few road blocks ahead of me.

i've gained a ton of weight so i've gotta work on that. time to incinerate those fats!
i'm still having financial difficulties but it won't be long before i've settled my debts and be able to have money to spend on my self again.

but progress made in my life has been remarkable lately.
i've finally rekindled my relationship with my family. i'm talking to my mom again.
i'm cooking alot more often now. i have time to refine my culinary skills.
my mindset is back where its suppose to be and i'm more determined that ever now.
don't get me wrong, i still want a tattoo.
i've found my friends again!

and i've met a bunch of great people;

Zen-Li, Sean Mervin, Alastair, Matthew, Louis, Firdaus aka FiFi, Daniel, Ambrose, Shen, Nicholas, Sharmistha and Mechaaaa!

Sharmistha aka ShaShaaa (crazy diva alter-ego of Denise)
Marissa aka Mecha (a lady after my own heart!)

happy to know ya'll!

personally, i would like to convey my sincerest gratitude to:

Denise; for finally being a part of my life after 3 long years!

JuYi; dearest sister of mine, thank you for being so understanding!

Celine; thank you for being there when i had trouble dealing with my family!

Jessica; thank you for being there in my times of trouble time and time again, and talking to me when i need a friend most!

Caryn; thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and cheering me up even during my 'disappearance'. you were my lucky star, i'll never forget you!

Eunice; thank you for tolerating all those unreplied text messages and so on! i had tough times.

Adrian; my ever faithful brother through thick and thin. i always knew you had my back. thank you!

J Chia; you're never forgotten, dude. always have, always will be my brotha-from-anotha-mutha!

Jeremy; thank you, man. for your understanding, your prayers, everything!

Terrence; thank you for being my partner-in-crime from the beginning of A-levels. thanks for being there for me through the day everytime i fucked up in life. i'm still up for snooker and 'cheesi-gook-fan'!

Min Xen; thank you, for helping me deal with my troubles and Denise's. you're the best man!
Sophie; thank you for being one of the few people to show concern towards me in college when i was having difficulties. i truly appreciate it!

Tracy; thank you for your understanding, tutoring, and humor when i needed it most!

so much to say, so little time. i've got an exam tomorrow. hope i'm ready.

whoever who's reading my blog, brace yourself your a culinary and lingustic ventureee~

Ian ish back from blogging hiatus!

look at me happy again =)

"see me real soooon~"

Ian, 12.51am, June 5th, 2009

New Genesis

Back from blogging hiatus!